Saturday, July 25, 2015

Major Movie Announcement!

Club E is proud to announce "The Stepford Sluts", a full length feature movie starring a cast of over 40 people.  "The Stepford Sluts" is based on the film "The Stepford Wives" by Frank Oz.

"The Stepford Sluts" is already filming and will be released in 4 parts. It is tentatively scheduled to release on a 3-4 week schedule starting in August 2015.  All Club E movies are released completely free of charge and will be available on this blog!

Check back on this page for updates!!

Featuring Erin Cedarbridge as Joanna Eberhardt

Cream Release as Bobbie Markowitz

Miss Emily as Claire Wellington

Zoey Winsmore as Sarah Sunderson

Partee Mytili as Charmaine Van Sant

Adele Simondsen as Carol Wainwright

Amia Edelmann as Marianne Stevens

Anyka Aisieri as Beth Peters

Partial cast list:

Erin Cedarbridge Joanna Eberhart
Sil Walter Kresby
Miss Emily Claire Wellington
Larry Vinaver Mike Wellington
Cream Release Bobbie Markowitz
Kenfack Dave Markowitz
Zoey Winsmore Sarah Sunderson
Ryu Quasimodo Herb Sunderson
Anyka Aisieri Beth Peters
Dillon Lecker Stan Peters
Partee Mytili Charmaine Van Sant
Cameron Ted Van Sant
Adele Simondsen Carol Wainwright
Damien Godard Ed Wainwright
Amia Edelmann Marianne Stevens
Gaheris Edelmann Vic Stevens
Lexi Fizzle Bannister
Ivori Cherrie Harmon
Sandy Miggins Patricia Cornell
Bewitched Difference Helen Devlin
Dokielicious Doobie Host of "The Ultimate Gender Challenge"
Jenny Starveling Tara
Blackheart Taurus Roger
Tonytarheel Hot Sexy Lesbian
Katina Cazalet Announcer of “I Can Do Better”
Dominic Diamond Host of "I Can Do Better"
Edvard Taurion Hank
Ali Lancrae Barbara
Erinyes Celestalis Vanessa
Logan O'Leary Rocky
Daimaju Clowes Don Quiro
Rachel Avro Female Cast member of “Hung Jury”
Stacia Renoir Female Cast member of “Hung Jury”
Ashley Sugarplum Female Cast member of “Hung Jury”
Brennaghan Bailey Male Cast member of “Hung Jury”
Lightnin Tyran Male Cast member of “Hung Jury”

Directed by Erin Cedarbridge
Filmed and Set Design by Erin Cedarbridge
Edited and Produced by Erin Cedarbridge

Based on the movie "The Stepford Wives" by Frank Oz.


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